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Specialist cleaning services

Pristine can apply a range of specialist cost effective anti-graffiti solutions to help combat the problem. Sacrificial coatings are protective but must be reapplied after graffiti removal. Permanent non sacrificial coatings are unaffected by graffiti removal and remain insitu after the process.

Our trained graffiti removal operatives will advise the best method of protection for your surface application. Allowing for efficient and effective graffiti removal, helping to reduce maintenance and labour costs.

Be it part of a void property clean or a one off act of vandalism, Pristine work in partnership with housing associations, facility management companies and local councils across the country. Our teams are able to mobilise quickly and have the knowledge and experience to carry out an efficient graffiti removal service for your business.

Trauma Cleans

Pristine are acutely aware of the health hazards involved in the cleaning and safe removal of bio hazardous materials resulting from accidental or intentional trauma. Trauma Scene Cleaning and Crime Scene Cleaning is more than just standard domestic cleaning.

Many people assume that the emergency services will clean a scene when they have finished providing their essential services, this is not the case.

Effective trauma scene management requires a specialist level of cleaning. Pristine’s experienced trauma scene cleaning team will work discreetly with respect to effectively remove all bio waste materials, sanitise and disinfect all contaminated areas.

Pristine are experienced in handling natural and violent death cleanups, suicide clean ups and cleaning up after undiscovered deaths. All potentially infectious materials are disposed in line with current medical and environmental legislation and full blood cleaning and stains removal is carried out as part of our trauma scene cleaning service.

We hope that you will never require our crime or trauma scene services. If you do our operatives will work with compassion and professionalism to provide an effective solution and swift conclusion, whatever the circumstances.

IT Cleaning

The levels of viruses, bacteria (e-coli, salmonella, listeria etc), mould and fungi found on a typical computer keyboard can be up to 14 times higher than found on a toilet seat!

Apart from looking dreadful and representing a health concern to your employees the build-up of dirt and dust can seriously shorten the lifetime of your expensive equipment as it will contribute to over-heating and under-performance.

Our IT and computer cleaning specialists are trained in modern processes using specific equipment designed for computer cleaning, such as specialist filtration vacuum cleaners and sanitisers which are specifically developed to combat the spread of germs.

We specialise in the cleaning of all types of IT equipment such as PCs, keyboards, mice, telephones, printers, scanners and fax machines. A planned programme of regular computer cleaning will prolong equipment life, enhance the office environment and will help staff morale and performance.