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External Support Services

We work with our preferred service partners who have met our approved contractor status to provide solutions that deliver high quality, technically sound, best value pest control, management & monitoring, fumigation services, property preservation and environmental services

Car Park Cleaning Services

Pristine is a specialist cleaning process for large concrete areas including factories, warehouses and car parks using a combination of ride on sweepers, mechanical scrubbers, stream cleaning and pressure cleaning where required.

The majority of car parks can be cleaned without the use of excess water, when scrubbing and degreasing is required all water is retrieved into the recycle tanks on board the scrubbing machine. In today’s market presentation has become a marketing tool for buildings and facilities and visitors expect a high standard in cleaning, the car park is often their first impression. Hand cleaning of large areas cannot compare to the results and economy of mechanical techniques. Apart from the presentation of these areas oil spills and other spills cause slip hazards and can result in costly liability claims.

Sealed concrete areas require less scrubbing as spillages often do not penetrate the surface. Why not ask one of our experienced and professional staff for a quote on mechanical sweeping, scrubbing or sealing today!